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Station All-Time Records

Records began on 02 January 2013. Here are the extremes recorded since then.

Records Since 02 January 2013
Temperature / Dew Point
Highest Temperature 115.4 °F 20-Jun-2017 1:20pm
Lowest Temperature 17.1 °F 15-Jan-2013 7:01am
Lowest Wind Chill 19.2 °F 03-Jan-2015 7:00am
Highest Minimum 87.0 °F 25-Jun-2017 5:45am
Lowest Maximum 43.1 °F 01-Jan-2015 3:33pm
Highest Humidity 99 % 27-Jan-2013 6:10am
Lowest Humidity 0 % 18-Sep-2013 3:10pm
Highest Dew Point 93.3 °F 23-Jul-2013 4:35pm
Lowest Dew Point -33.1 °F 05-Oct-2013 10:34am
Highest Rain Rate 49.37 in/hr 17-Dec-2016 1:41pm
Highest Hourly Rainfall 1.17 in 08-Oct-2014 1:17pm
Highest Daily Rainfall 3.71 in 31-Aug-2013
Highest Monthly Rainfall 5.47 in July 2017
Highest Wind Gust 48 mph 10-Aug-2017 4:13pm
Highest Wind Speed Average 35 mph 02-Mar-2015 2:00pm
Lowest Barometer 26.980 inHg 04-Apr-2013 3:09pm
Highest Barometer 30.547 inHg 04-Feb-2016 12:27am