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Category: Science
An Epitome of Astronomy
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Title: An Epitome of Astronomy 
Author: W. Walker
Publish date: 14th Edition,
Publisher: A Project Gutenbery eBook
Language: English
Format: EPUB
Filesize: 156.28kB
Ratings: None
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This elaborate Machine is 20 feet diameter: it stands vertical before the spectators; and its globes are so large, that they are distinctly seen in the most distant part of a Theatre. Every Planet and Satellite seems suspended in space, without any support; performing its annual and diurnal revolutions without any apparent cause. It is certainly the nearest approach to the magnificent simplicity of nature, and to its just proportions, as to magnitude and motion, of any Orrery yet made: and besides being a most brilliant and beautiful spectacle, conveys to the mind the most sublime instruction: rendering astronomical truths so plain and intelligible, that even those who have not so much as thought upon the subject, may acquire clear ideas of the laws, motions, appearances, eclipses, transits, influences, &c. of the planetary system.

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