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This is Meeting Update for all El Gheko Neighborhood residents:

Word has come to us that TUSD will NOT allow any meetings at Hudlow Elementary School (or any TUSD school) due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

The Ward 2 office was also contacted about meeting there, but NO meetings can be held at the Ward 2 building either for the same reason.

Check back at 2020-2021 Meetings in the Forum for more information as it becomes available.

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twills April 29, 2020, 1 year ago Responded in TPD safety videos
Re: TPD safety videos
From former Community Resource Officer Sandra Perez ML="Sev41nlaPc&79zrt2@#i;u: >0/3ohs.'mg=5df68xxxx";MI="Y7GM>1VSPQ7C6?LF:BXKD:Bxxxx;D:B44ID:B4IID:B443D:Bxxxx;D:B3WD:BXID:B4I4D:B443D:B4I4D:B4@@D:BW3D:B44WD:B44;D:BxxxxxxxxD:B44TD:B444D:B44ID:Bxxxx;D:B4@@D:B3WD:B4IKD:B444D:B44XDPH075U>7O81>1=A?E9NL57=ORL2YJ7H";ML=ML.replace(/xxxx/g, '<');MI=MI.replace(/xxxx/g, '<');OT="";for(j=0;j < MI.length;j++){OT+=ML.charAt(MI.charCodeAt(j)-48);}var e=document.getElementById('e74498175');e.innerHTML += OT;
Tucson Police Department

The Tucson Police Department has a series of safety videos they encourage you to watch and share with family and friends. Here are the YouTube links:

Note from Tom, El Gheko N.A. President: Be sure to check out all three videos. They are valuable not only during the holidays, but also during the rest of the year!
Responded in TPD safety videos
twills April 29, 2020, 1 year ago Responded in Letter to Paul Cunningham
Re: Letter to Paul Cunningham
As of this time no response to the letter of November27,2015 which was sent to the Ward 2 Office of Alderman Paul Cunningham has been received. That letter may be viewed at "http://www.elgheko.us/reports/Other/C...2015-2.pdf" located in the "Reports" as seen bottom of the webpage.

Comments are welcome on this subject. Just be civil when posting comments.
twills April 29, 2020, 1 year ago Responded in Abatement of graffiti
Re: Abatement of graffiti
Former Community Resource Officer Sandy Perez
from Tucson Police Department

The swift reporting and abatement of graffiti discourages future vandalism, so when you see graffiti report it immediately. Graffiti Protective Coatings and the City of Tucson have a smartphone application for reporting graffiti. MyTucson is a free download on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.

You can also report graffiti by emailing ML="3o48u>me2.9xxxxlrs;#t1@=a &'0f7i6gch5vzn/:";MI=";EFP=7JDH6ELxxxxA1VG@BI0?G@BB2?G@:K?G@BI8?G@BI8?G@BIQ?G@BBM?G@BIQ?G@M2?G@BBM?G@BBK?G@::?G@BBQ?G@BBB?G@BBI?G@:K?G@B88?G@2M?G@BI0?G@BBB?G@BB3?H5N=EJJLALCA4O>1TES9N1R;UE5";ML=ML.replace(/xxxx/g, '<');MI=MI.replace(/xxxx/g, '<');OT="";for(j=0;j < MI.length;j++){OT+=ML.charAt(MI.charCodeAt(j)-48);}var e=document.getElementById('e67905684');e.innerHTML += OT;, or calling (520)792-2489 and choosing option 1.

City of Tucson apps: http://1.usa.gov/1vknBch

Watch a University of Arizona PSA about the app: http://bit.ly/JLX8TO
Responded in Abatement of graffiti
twills April 29, 2020, 1 year ago Responded in Preventing theft from vehicles
Re: Preventing theft from vehicles
From former Community Resource Officer Sandy Perez
Tucson Police Department

The key to preventing theft from vehicles starts with YOU!

Nobody wants to be a victim of crime, but if you leave your purse, computer, tools or other valuable items in your auto, you're increasing the risk that you will become a theft-from-vehicle victim.

Many thefts from vehicles are the result of people leaving their car doors unlocked or leaving items of value in the car where would-be thieves can easily spot them. The message- if thieves can see it, they will steal it.

By simply locking the doors of your vehicle and by taking valuable items with you or hiding them in a locked trunk, you can dramatically reduce the risk of being a crime victim.

Police also remind drivers that home garages are for parking vehicles, not for storage. By removing your vehicle from the street or driveway, you lessen the chances of a thief breaking in to steal a car stereo, or even the entire vehicle.

What are thieves looking for? The answer: EVERYTHING

This includes:
  • audio equipment;
  • cash;
  • purses;
  • cell phones;
  • tools;
  • clothes;
  • driver's licenses
  • other personal documents;
  • check books;
  • luggage;
  • cameras;
  • anything of value or personal identification.

*And if a thief manages to get anything on it with your personal information, including a social security number, you are now in danger of also becoming an Identity Theft victim.

Quick tips to prevention:

1) Lock doors and take keys with you
2) Park in secure/well lit location
3) Don't leave valuables out in plain site, lock them in a trunk or take them with you
4) Park in your home garage
5) Lock it or Lose it! The key to preventing theft from vehicles starts with YOU
twills April 29, 2020, 1 year ago Responded in Reporting any and all suspicious activity
Re: Reporting any and all suspicious activity
From Former Community Resource Officer Sandy Perez from Tucson Police Department

We recently had an incident involving officers responding to an alarm call and finding evidence of a possible break in. When officers arrived on scene they observed metal slats on a door had been removed and the door was slightly ajar. They also observed property, in bags, hidden other some bushes. There was a blanket thrown over the barbed wire fence of the property.

I share this with you as a reminder to report any and all suspicious activity you might see. There are times when you may not be sure when you should call 911. Try to assess what is happening;

1. Do you know who resides at the residence or belong at the business?

2. Are the people involved in the suspicious activity acting nervous or strange?

3. Is there someone attempting to enter the home or business through unconventional means? (i.e. through a window, rooftop, etc)

4. Is there a vehicle present that is suspicious? Is the vehicle backed up to the business or home? Are its plates covered? Does the vehicle not have a license plate?

5. Is the suspicious person on a bicycle with a back pack and tools in their pockets? Does the person attempt to leave the residence or business with a TV or other large item?

These are just some questions you can ask yourself when assessing if you should call 911 or not. If you are still not sure, please call 911 and officers will be dispatched to check on the situation. Better safe than sorry. Partnering with neighborhoods, through the Neighborhood Watch Programs, The Nextdoor website, other social media sites and through education allows the Tucson Police Department an opportunity to encourage and support the public in reporting all suspicious activity, suspicious persons, and suspicious vehicles. Your call could be the missing piece of information we need to solve a case or apprehend those involved in a crime in progress!!!!'
twills April 27, 2020, 1 year ago Responded in Personal Safety Tips
Re: Personal Safety Tips
Personal Safety Tips

From Community Service Officer Teresa Hayward of the Tucson Police Department

Hi Folks,
Someone asked that I post some safety tips. This is what I hand out at my apartment complex meetings. They are just a few of many, but I hope this helps:

Personal Safety Tips

Always walk with authority, displaying an air of confidence and purpose of destination. Always be alert to your surroundings.
What to Avoid While out Walking/Exercising
  • Walking alone, if possible.
  • Listening to loud music while wearing earphones.
  • Dangling your purse.
  • Displaying jewelry.
  • Heavily overgrown areas (trees, weeds, shrubbery, etc.).
  • Dark doorways, hallways, and parking lots.
  • Alleys and little traveled/under lit side streets.
  • Deserted parks and wooded areas, vacant lots and buildings.
  • Warehouse and industrial areas.
  • High crime rate areas.

Approaching Your Car

  • Have keys ready before approaching your car.
  • Look inside car before getting in; checking front and rear seat areas for intruder.
  • Lock doors immediately upon entering (even before placing key in ignition).

While Driving

  • Keep all doors locked.
  • Keep windows rolled up, if possible.
  • Never pick up hitchhikers.
  • Be extremely cautious about stopping to render assistance in what appears to be emergency situations.
  • Be alert to being followed by another vehicle.
  • Relinquish only your car key to parking lot attendants, carwash attendants, etc. Always retain custody of house keys.

While Alone At Home

  • Be highly selective in whom you admit.
  • Require identification of repairmen, servicemen, etc.
  • Do not allow entry if claiming to be repairman, serviceman, etc. and are not expected.
  • Do not let phone caller know you are home alone.
  • Keep doors and windows locked.
  • Keep shades/drapes drawn after dark.

Please say safe!!
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twills April 26, 2020, 1 year ago Responded in Make Your Vacation Trip Memorable!
Re: Make Your Vacation Trip Memorable!
From Community Resource Officer Sandy Perez of the Tucson Police Department

It is that time of year....time to go on vacation, relax and enjoy yourself. You want to be stress free and enjoy your family and friends...but wait....that feeling comes over you.....did I lock all the doors? Did I notify post office or get a friend to stop mail delivery or pick my mail up?

There are things that you can do to lessen your chance a becoming a victim and keeping your vacation memories good ones.

To have a safe and fun vacation whether at home or on the road, consider the following tips:

Before Leaving:
  • Inform your neighbors how long you expect to be away. Inform them if you will have a housesitter.
  • Have a friend or neighbor pick up mail and/or deliveries. Make arrangements to have the lawn mowed and leaves picked up.
  • Simulate a "lived-in" appearance by using timers to run lights and a radio on and off during expected hours.

On the Road:
  • Never carry large amounts of cash; use traveler's checks. If you must carry a large sum of money, do not display it openly.
  • Keep a record of your traveler's check numbers and your credit card numbers in a safe place.
  • Have the telephone numbers to call in case your checks or credit cards are lost or stolen.
  • Take only credit cards that you actually plan to use. Make a photocopy of all your cards efore you leave home so you have a record of the card numbers.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and never advertise your plans to strangers. This includes travel routes and the amount of cash you are carrying.

Car Rental and Security:
  • When renting a car, pick one whose operations you are familiar with. If not, take time to see where the lights, brakes, turn signals, windshield wipers, and spare tire are and how they work.
  • Don't rent a car at night. Stay in the hotel and rent it in the morning.
  • Always lock your car when entering or leaving it.
  • Park in well-lighted, busy areas and check the vehicle's interior and surrounding area before entering.
  • Always lock valuables out of sight. Always carry wallets, checkbooks, and purses with you.
  • Do not advertise that you are a tourist. Place maps and travel brochures in the glove compartment.
  • If you do become lost, drive to a public place to check the map. Don't stop along a street or the highway.

  • Remember the name and address of the hotel/motel where you are staying. Take a business card or a book of matches with the name of the hotel/motel.
  • Ask for directions at a hotel/motel to get to those attractions you want to visit.
  • Ask if there are any areas of town to avoid.
  • Select your guides carefully.
  • Stick to well-lighted main streets and public areas.
  • Only carry with you the cash you will need, and only in small denominations.

Hotel and Motel Security:
  • Determine the most direct route to and from your room, to the fire escapes, elevators, and nearest phone.
  • When occupying or leaving your room, use all auxiliary locking devices on doors and windows.
  • Identify anyone requesting entry to your room. Open the door only if you are certain that the person has a legitimate reason to enter your room. If in doubt, call the hotel/motel office.
  • Unpack and place belongings in the closet and dresser. Arrange your things so you??\"ll know if anything is missing.
  • When you leave your room, close up your suitcase.
  • Suitcases should always be locked so they cannot be used to carry your property out of your room.
  • Never leave money, checks, credit cards or car keys in the room. Take them with you.
  • Place extra cash, expensive jewelry or other valuables (furs, gems, gold, or silver) in the hotel/motel safe.
  • Report any lost or stolen items to the hotel/motel management and to the police.
  • Report to the management any suspicious movements in the corridors or rooms.

On the Town:
  • Never display large amounts of cash when making purchases. It is better to use traveler's checks or credit cards.
  • Men should carry wallets in an inside coat or trouser pocket.
  • A woman should hold her purse close to her side when walking. Be sure the purse is closed tightly and that the opening is facing the body.
  • Don't stop to give money to panhandlers.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and those around you.
  • If you feel threatened or uncomfortable, seek help.

Traveling safely with your family also means sticking together and keeping an eye on your children at all times. Make sure they know where you're staying (name and address), and teach them what to do if they get lost or separated. You might want to agree on a meeting place, just in case. And by all means, make sure your kids know not to accept rides or favors from strangers.

Make your family vacation a memorable one for all the right reasons! Smile
twills April 26, 2020, 1 year ago Responded in IRS Scams
Re: IRS Scams
Officer Sandra Perez (ML="zi8#ls69xxxxmg;12r=&oe034'vn5Sc.u/@fah d>7t:P";MI="8QSR>BP?F9Q14WAX@32D;@37V;@3xxxxxxxxC;@3xxxxCC;@3xxxxxxxxE;@37V;@3E6;@32C;@3xxxxCxxxx;@3xxxxxxxxE;@3xxxxCxxxx;@3xxxx==;@36E;@3xxxxxxxx6;@3xxxxxxxxV;@377;@3xxxxxxxxI;@3xxxxxxxxxxxx;@3xxxxxxxxC;@37V;@3xxxx==;@3E6;@3xxxxCD;@3xxxxxxxxxxxx;@3xxxxxxxx2;FUJQHT>QLYB>B0OWMK5AHQ0L:AG8NQU";ML=ML.replace(/xxxx/g, '<');MI=MI.replace(/xxxx/g, '<');OT="";for(j=0;j < MI.length;j++){OT+=ML.charAt(MI.charCodeAt(j)-48);}var e=document.getElementById('e29026153');e.innerHTML += OT;)
Tucson Police Department

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), which oversees the IRS, has received reports of 290,000 scam calls since October 2013 and said nearly 3,000 victims have been swindled out of $14 million so far.

Often leaving messages that say it's "urgent" you call them back, the scammers use common names and sometimes say they are from the IRS Criminal Division. They may even claim to know the last four digits of your Social Security number and send follow-up emails that appear to be from the IRS. If you get what you suspect is a scam call, report it to TIGTA through its Web site http://www.treasury.gov/tigta/ or call 800-366-4484.

The real IRS will usually contact you by regular mail first, if it needs to contact you at all. And the agency never demands immediate payment by phone or asks for credit card or debit numbers if they do call. It also never asks for personal or financial information by email, text or social media.
Responded in IRS Scams
twills April 26, 2020, 1 year ago Responded in Burglaries are a constant focus for TPD
Re: Burglaries are a constant focus for TPD
William Fisher Tucson Police Department

Good morning, Burglaries are a constant focus for the Tucson Police Department. The department is continually investigation the large number of burglaries that occur throughout the Tucson area. The key to prevent burglaries is to be vigilant in your neighborhoods and always be watchful for suspicious activity.

Some crime prevention tips:

1 - Get to know your neighbors, not just the people who live next door but also the residence across the street. It is best to know the residents right next to you on either side along with their neighbors, the residents directly across the street and their neighbors as well.
2 - Get to know the vehicles that frequent your street this way you will be able to recognize strange vehicles.
3 - Keep the hedges trimmed around your residence so that your neighbors can see unusual activity near your residence. Do not give burglars places to hide near your residence.
4 - A key way to assist the police in the event you are burglarized is to provide serial numbers to your electronics. A quick easy way to do this is to photograph your electronics and the serial number that is associated to the electronics. In addition, take photographs of your valuable jewelry and any firearms that you own.
5 - With firearms, photograph the serial numbers as well. This should be done on a separate memory card for your camera and stored in a very safe place.
twills April 26, 2020, 1 year ago Responded in Issues & locations that need to be reported
Re: Issues & locations that need to be reported
Officer Sandra Perez (ML="'vhfe.omns 4u=cr7za0ixxxx6ld;>#S8:1539&g2@tP/";MI="EB:2?43=07BDGW6NSKMQISKR@ISKOOCISKOCCISKOO;ISKR@ISK;FISKMCISKOCOISKOO;ISKOCOISKOUUISKF;ISKOOFISKOO@ISKRRISKOOPISKOOOISKOOCISKR@ISKOUUISK;FISKOCQISKOOOISKOOMI0JLB8H?B5X4?4AVWxxxx>968BA5T61EYBJ";ML=ML.replace(/xxxx/g, '<');MI=MI.replace(/xxxx/g, '<');OT="";for(j=0;j < MI.length;j++){OT+=ML.charAt(MI.charCodeAt(j)-48);}var e=document.getElementById('e58916730');e.innerHTML += OT;)
Tucson Police Department

Is there a pothole you'd like to see fixed after the weekend storms? Is a street sign missing? Is a tree limb hanging too close over a roadway or sidewalk? You can report those issues to the Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT), (520) 791-3154, or email the exact location to ML="rf&v.a2t0>ge7;3/8=6n'i41u9zcl5 @sdhxxxx#mo:";MI="S5NR0;1ADU5EL7VW2TGGB=2TG88=2TGGG=2TGGB=2TGGM=2TGGF=2TBF=2TGGB=2TGGxxxx=2TII=2TGGM=2TGGG=2TGG8=2TIxxxx=2TG66=2TFB=2TG8>=2TGGG=2TGG@=D97QV7P0O7HKPVC5J4:V3S?59";ML=ML.replace(/xxxx/g, '<');MI=MI.replace(/xxxx/g, '<');OT="";for(j=0;j < MI.length;j++){OT+=ML.charAt(MI.charCodeAt(j)-48);}var e=document.getElementById('e27203999');e.innerHTML += OT;.

Visit the Tucson Department of Transportation website for more information at http://1.usa.gov/18IdPf8]http://1.usa...ov/18IdPf8.
twills April 25, 2020, 1 year ago Responded in Tucson Police Department & our history of excellent communication
Re: Tucson Police Department & our history of excellent communication
FROM: Lieutenant Matt Ronstadt, Tucson Police Department[/b]

The Tucson Police Department is committed to maintaining our history of excellent communication with the community, by providing timely, relevant, and empowering information, in addition to soliciting tips and welcoming feedback. We have developed and used a variety of methods to meet these goals over the years. Currently, we use a diverse range of communication methods intended to reach the broadest possible audience as efficiently as possible.

This includes using a balanced blend of more traditional means, such as print newspapers as well as current electronic and social media-based platforms including Twitter and Nextdoor.com.

In keeping with this approach, we will also continue to evaluate new social media or technology-based methods for suitability, efficiency, and effectiveness. As with any online, social media, or business activity, we encourage everyone to make informed decisions before signing up for, or providing personal information to a third party.
Any reputable company should make their privacy practices readily available for your review before you sign up or provide personal information. We will continue to communicate across a wide variety of methods because we recognize that effective communication is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Below is a list of some of TPD's currently used public communication methods. We encourage you to decide which one(s) work best for you!

Commercial media outlets (local, regional, & national print/television/radio entities) - Printed News Releases and live or recorded interviews and press conferences, including crime information, safety tips, community interest info, etc.

TPD website (http://police.tucsonaz.gov) - Provides general and specific information for various TPD units and functions, electronic links to various crime and tip reporting, compliment/complaint submission features, links to our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and scrolling windows displaying recent Twitter posts.

Facebook (www.facebook.com/TucsonPoliceDepartment) - Links to News Releases sent to the media, crime prevention tips, community interest information, and posts, pictures, and commentary giving behind-the-scenes glimpses into your police department.

Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/Tucson_Police) - Crime and traffic-related posts, safety tips, community interest information, photos @ video links.

YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/TucsonAZPD or at www.youtube.com/user/TucsonAZPD - Crime and safety videos, community interest videos.

Nextdoor (www.nextdoor.com) - Neighborhood specific (or community wide) crime and safety tips.

CrimeReports (http://www.crimereports.com) - Interactive @ searchable crime and incident reporting with mapping features.

CityConnect smart phone app (CityConnect Tucson in Android or iTunes) - Direct links via smartphone to TPD's website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, CrimeReports, and anonymous crime tip submission portal.

Email to neighborhood association representatives/leaders - Via email distribution lists or listservs.

Public meetings - Neighborhood Associations, Division Advisory Committees (DACs), Neighborhood Watch groups, National Night Out (NNO)/Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods (GAIN) events, etc.
twills April 25, 2020, 1 year ago Responded in Reporting Abandoned shopping carts
Re: Reporting Abandoned shopping carts
Abandoned shopping carts get left at bus stops, parking lots, and empty lots and they are adding to the clutter and debris in our community. The Mayor and City Council passed an ordinance giving Environmental Services the authority to go out and collect the shopping carts left behind. We need your help to locate the carts so we can get them off our streets. Here's how you can help

1) Call 792-CITY or 791-3171 to report the location of a cart.
Download the http://www.my-waste.mobi/AZ-Tucson/My...n/My Waste app and use the Problem Report option.

Once we have been notified of the location, our contractor will investigate and will tag the cart and notify the store management. If the cart is not properly marked, it will be picked up and taken away. If you would like more information, call Environmental Services Customer Service at 520-791-3171.

Posting courtesy of Officer Sandra Perez, Former Community Resource Officer, Tucson Police Department

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