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    1944: I was born in Marquette, Michigan. My parents were both from Negaunee, Michigan;
    My Father was in Wales getting ready for D-Day when I was born. He went to France on D-Day+2. ;
    1945: Finally at the age of 18 months my Father was finally discharged for active service and he got to see me for the first time;
    1946: Moved to Iron River, MI where my Father worked for Jewel Tea Home Shopping Service;
    1951: Moved to Oshkosh, WI for my Father's job and I had to adjust to a big city (in my opinion at that age) and new schools;
    1954: Broke my arm just above the wrist in what I later found out was referred to as the Thomas Fracture;
    1961: Joined the US Navy Reserve in Oshkosh (Honorable Discharge in 1965);
    1962: Graduated from High School;

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