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Code of Conduct

El Gheko Neighborhood Association - Code of Conduct

Registration on this website and/or use of the El Gheko websites constitutes an agreement to this Code of Conduct and Terms of Services.

Table of Contents



1.1: Good behaviour is required
1.2: Illegal copied material (piracy)
1.3: Pornographic and provocative content
1.4: SPAM, multilevel marketing and affiliated links, etc
1.5: Respect moderators and administrators
1.6: Complaints
1.7: Publicly harming El Gheko in media outside of it's control
1.8: Criticism
1.9: El Gheko Neighborhood Association Membership
2.1: Search first, ask afterwords
2.2: Describing title on all threads
2.3: Place your thread in the correct forum
2.4: Use proper language
2.5: All posts must make sense
2.6: Double posting and "bumping"
2.7: Guidelines for signatures
2.8: Avatars must not be provocative
2.9: No linking to external downloads


3.1: Profile fields
3.2: Consequences of breaking the rules



1.1 Good behaviour is required
Upload, post, transmit, share, store or otherwise make available any content that we deem to be harmful, threatening, unlawful, infringing, abusive, vulgar, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, hateful, pornographic or racially provocative, ethnically or otherwise objectionable is not allowed on this site and there is zero tolerance for it.

1.2 Illegal copied material (piracy) is not allowed
Sharing, or requesting sharing, of illegal copied material (piracy), of any kind of copyrighted material, software, music, videos, photos etc, is strictly forbidden. Sharing, or requesting sharing, of serial keys or programs that give you access to programs without any need of serials (cracks) is not permitted. You are not allowed to share links to sites that provide or contain such content. Publicizing of information from other media, except from common knowledge, is not permitted unless there is a written permission from the copyright holder.

Discussion about technology and protocols such as BitTorrent is allowed, as long as the discussion is not about transaction of copyrighted material. BitTorrent is used for many legal purposes such as distribution of open source websites.

1.3 Political, Religious , Pornographic and provocativee content are not allowed
El Gheko residents have participants from a wide spread of ages and from many different beliefs that also come from the whole political map. We are all here for El Gheko and El Gheko is our common interest. Try to remember that what might be appropriate between people of the same age or gender might not be appropriate between people of different age groups or opposite gender. Political, Religious, Pornographic and sexually demeaning or provocative content will be deleted immediately.

1.4 SPAM, multilevel marketing and affiliated links etc are not allowed
You are not allowed to market for or add links to commercial products or services anywhere on this site including your profile, unless written permission is given by site admin. Other unwanted information that would be generally classified as SPAM is also strictly forbidden. So called 'affiliated' links where the owner receives money, points or other services when someone clicks the link is not permitted unless you very clearly state that if anyone clicks the link it benefits you.

We reserve the right to remove any information that can be interpreted to violate this rule, to ban the user who posted it and to block their IP address.

We also have zero tolerance for repeatedly marketing of commercial products or services without written permission from site admin or from the sites to whom the links are being directed.

1.5 Respect moderators and administrators
Moderators and Administrators are present on this site to keep it in order and prevent bad and unwanted behavior. They are here to help you and the community as a whole. Any remark or correction from a moderator or administrator must be accepted immediately.

Remarks made by a moderator or administrator can only be altered by the moderator or administrator that put it there in the first place. Another moderator or administrator will not override the decision that has already been made without speaking to the staff member that made the decision in the first place.

1.6 Complaints regarding moderators, administrators or users
If a moderator or administrator have locked, edited a post or a thread of yours without really clarifying why the alteration was made, contact the responsible moderator or administrator in a polite manner via PM, asking them to clarify. However, keep this in mind that you should rather re-read the Code of Conduct before sending a message to the one who moderated your post because being unaware of the Code of Conducts is not an excuse.

If you have any complaints regarding a moderator, administrator or user, they shall be sent via PM or mail to the site administrators.

Complaints concerning moderators or administrators shall not be discussed in the forum under any circumstances, this shall always be dealt with directly by the site admin.

1.7 Publicly harming El Gheko in media outside of it's control.
Membership in this website is based on trust and mutual respect. We cannot allow a situation where one of our own members is taking the website into disrepute. Any member who is deemed by the OLUG Staff to have caused or be causing harm to the website by publicly denigrating either the website itself or it's staff and membership can face up to a lifetime ban depending on the severity of the incident.

1.8 Criticism
Any website related complaints are to be forwarded privately via El Gheko´s contact form to the Management Team.

1.9 El Gheko Neighborhood Association Membership
The Management Team reserves the right to edit, alter, suspend, delete, ban or blacklist any aspect of any member accounts for whatever reason they see fit. The Management Team reserves the right to edit, alter or delete any posted material on it's servers even if the offence is not specifically covered by the Code of Conduct and to act in any manner that they deem is in the best interests of El Gheko.


2.1 Search first, ask afterwords
Before you post any questions in the forum you have to search for it in the forum. Our forum contains many threads and the possibility that your question has been answered before is always present.

2.2 Describing title on all threads
All thread titles must be as specific as possible regarding your problems of needs. That increases your chances on getting a fast and accurate reply and you will help us maintaining a clean forum with good overview.

Examples of subjects that shall not be used is e.g:. 'Help Me?', 'How do I fix this?' or 'This does not work!!!'. In worst case your thread might be deleted.

The title of your thread is as important as the rest of the thread is. If you do not manage to name the thread in a way which describes your problem or need, you can not expect to get a valuable answer from others. Naming threads correctly is also important for others who are viewing or searching the forum for help.

2.3 Place your thread in the correct forum
All threads must be placed in the correct forum. This will make the forum easier to view and search for you and everyone else as users. Also note, all support questions go in the forum, absolutely no asking for support in the Shoutbox.

2.4 Use proper language
Your language is important. Please express yourself without using too many capital letters, exclamation marks or SMS-language / shortcuts. This kind of excess is unwanted on our site because not everyone is used to that kind of language. Keep in mind that one forum thread can help hundreds or thousands of people if the language is understandable. Please also note that all posts should be made in the official language of this site.

This way the moderators and administrators will have more time to answer different questions instead of repeating themselves over and over again.

2.5 All posts must make sense
Remember to post responsively when you are writing in the content of the post. Posts such as "Agree", "This is crap" etc. and does not give any more explanation of the statement or are not to any help should be avoided. Read through your post before posting it and make sure it's relevant for the subject which is discussed.

Do not exaggerate the Quote function. To Quote whole or very large parts of posts above your next reply is a form of Quote exaggerating.It is clear what you are replying to in such scenario even witout the Quotes.When Quotes are used in parts of an above post in a greater conversation where many sections in the above post needs to have a individual replys it is fully acceptable.

Grateful posts, when someone has contributed with something good are accepted, but there is absolutely no need for 10 persons or more to repeat the same thing. Also try to stay on topic, too many off topics posts in one thread are not good and makes it harder for other to find things they are looking for when viewing a thread.

2.6 Double posting and "bumping" are not allowed
Double posting is not wanted. A thread shall never be posted in more than one forum. Edit your last post if you have something to add to the thread. The one and only exception of this rule is when your thread is no longer active and new information has been brought up. A thread is not active when there has not been active for at least a week (7 days).

2.7 Guidelines for signatures
Font size of the text in your signature should be no larger than the default text size for the posted text in the forum. Use of images larger than 468px in width and 60px in height (standard banner) for your signature is strictly prohibited. Use of of animated images is allowed but please make sure it is tactful and does not distract from the content in the forums; moderators and administrators have the right to ask you to remove anything in your signature or remove it for you if they deem necessary. The maximum size for such an image is 50Kb and you cannot use more than two images like that. The maximum number of lines in your signature shall not exceed four (4) lines. Any links posted in the signature according to paragraphs 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 are permitted. There may be a maximum of four (4) links in your signature. The text in your signature may not contain more than four (4) colours.

2.8 Avatars must not be provocative
Any avatars which are provocative, violent, pornographic, threatening, unlawful, defamatory, infringing, abusive, inflammatory, harassing, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent, invasive or racially provocative will be deleted.

Avatars, which imitate the avatars of moderators or administrators, will also be deleted without further notice.

2.9 No linking to external downloads
We will not allow any forum posts with links to external downloads.All downloads presented need to be available from either a attachment in our forums or shared via the AddonDB.If you want your work tested before sharing it, please use the Addons Open Testing forum and attach your work to a new thread there.


3.1 Profile fields
Fields in the profile which optional can be left blank if wanted. However if you choose to fill out the non required fields be sure that the information you give is correct and relevant. There is absolutely no reason to type in "N/A", "Don't have this" and etc.

Chosen usernames must conform to the rules of common decency and not contain any profane language. The staff reserve the right to edit any usernames that may be regarded as unsuitable or purporting to be (or that give the appearance of purporting to be) anything other than a standard member as well as any usernames containing trademarked names, religious or political references. In extreme cases, the Management Team reserve the right to immediately ban, delete and/or blacklist an offender without warning.

3.2 Consequences of breaking the rulesFailing to comply with these rules can get you temporarily or permanently banned from this site

Breach of the aforementioned rules will lead to warnings, if you choose not to adjust to those warnings you will be banned for a period of time decided by the moderators or site administrators. Warnings will come from any moderator or administrator as a PM, e-mail or as a reply to your forum post.


Credits: Please everyone, remember to give credit when and/or where credit is due. This goes not only for copyright issues but also for constructive solutions and constructive error handling. It's important to give positive feedback. If the feedback is negative, please do it privately! This makes life easier and more enjoyable for all parties.

Code of Conduct Updates:
This Document is a "Living Document" and is subject to change at any time. As it is new, it will be subject to changes many times in upcoming days/weeks/months. If you see any errors (typos, etc.) or you have any questions, please send a Private Message (via the Contact Me form) to the El Gheko Administrator.
All references to "El Gheko" in this document are referring to the El Gheko Neighborhood Association!

(LAST UPDATE: August 2, 2015